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The Clinic - trusted by plastic surgeons 

We are Utah's premier Lymphatic specialists, offering Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Post-Surgical Massage, Fibrosis Treatments, Body Contouring, and other aesthetics.

What We Do

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

At Lymphatic Care Center, our staff is certified using the VODDER METHOD, performed using light hand movements, and does not cause pain. We start by opening the lymph nodes, and then using a gentle skin stretch, we dilate lymph vessels to open and receive lymphatic fluid for processing toxins and edema. It should NOT be confused with a traditional massage. 

Cosmetic surgeries all produce swelling to some extent because it is part of the body's natural healing process. Surgical incisions cut through lymph vessels, disrupting the flow of lymph, which in turn causes the lymph to flow freely around the tissue; this is what causes swelling. It can take up to three weeks for these vessels to repair. During surgeries such as liposuction, the cannula will create tunnels while sectioning out the fat cells. These tunnels fill with blood and lymph fluid, and during a manual lymphatic massage, these fluids are gently guided out of these spaces toward the lymph nodes. For post-surgical, we combine MLD and POST SURGICAL MASSAGE for the best results.

      Manual Lymphatic Massage after plastic surgery can reduce swelling, bruising, and discomfort, remove excess fluids, and may prevent developing seroma and fibrosis. It also helps to speed recovery and lessen bruising.  

      Lipedema and Lymphedema manual lymphatic drainage massages are also treated in our clinic and for those with autoimmune conditions, allergies, and general detox!

      Manual Lymphatic Drainage is also suitable for cleansing the body of toxins and boosting your immune system! It's not just for post-surgical clients; it can benefit almost everyone. The lymph nodes can get clogged, so those with unexplained swelling can be treated favorably. 

Fibrosis Treatments

Sometimes after liposuction and other surgical procedures, you may experience lumps or hardness in the skin after 3 or 4 weeks post-surgery. This is scar tissue which is called fibrosis. We have developed a successful system to break down scar tissue and can often treat it before it becomes permanent. However, we can treat fibrosis in its developed stages as well. 

Body Contouring

Cavitation and Radio Frequency (RF) Body Shaping is a noninvasive procedure that uses low-frequency sound waves that allows your body to break down stubborn fat deposits, which then are metabolized and removed naturally through your body's filtration system.

 Lash Extensions 



Foot Detox Bath

Swedish Massage 

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Our Story

Hi! I'm Teri, owner, and operator of Lymphatic Care Center. In 2020 I received some plastic surgery, and as a licensed massage therapist, I know the value of receiving manual lymphatic drainage after surgery. I contacted several places, but none specialized in post-surgical lymphatic massage. I took a National Credited Course to get a Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Post-Op Massage certification because it is needed here in Utah! On September 2021, we opened our Center and formed relationships with many plastic surgeons who recommend us and know the value of protecting their work by directing patients to Lymphatic Massage.

Our staff is trained in post-surgical MLD, and we not only perform the massage but are also trained in monitoring compression (making sure the compression garments are tight enough as the swelling goes down), seroma (fluid buildup), and fibrosis (scar tissue). We carry compression garments, lipo-foams, fibrosis foams, scar tape and oils, dry brushes, and other items for your healing process. 

You will receive the best care from the Lymph Chics because we know how to treat you through your recovery journey! 

We also treat those with Lymphedema and Lipedema and for  Lymphatic Body Flushes to clear the system of toxins. 

Home of the Lymph Chic's 

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